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I am @sockjig on Twitter. I started that account in 2017 because I was tired of explaining my sneaker tweets to friends and coworkers on my personal account. I do not work in the sneaker industry. But sometimes people in the sneaker industry tell me stuff. Most of the time I don’t talk about it.

I live in Vancouver, Canada. I wear size 12.

About this blog

Most of my content will still primarily be on Twitter at @sockjig, so I suggest you follow me there. This blog will be used for any longer form content than Twitter allows. It will mostly be short posts, lists, or analysis about buying and reselling sneakers online. This will not be a sneaker blog covering news or release information.


What is a sockjig?

A sockjig was a method to bypass queues on Shopify manually by adding a sock to your cart before an announced drop. You could go all the way to final checkout step in a tab and hold there until the drop. When the sneaker released, you could add it to cart in another tab, go back to the original sock checkout tab and reload. Your checkout would then include socks and the sneakers and you’d have bypassed any queues and checkout from there.

Unfortunately, it no longer works on hyped releases. Shopify killed the sockjig method July 2019.

Can You Help Me Resell?


Do You Bot?

Not really. I’ve attempted to in the past but never really had much success. The biggest reason is living in Canada, it’s a pain getting multiple credit cards with matching US shipping and billing. We don’t have services like Privacy here. The other major reason is I just don’t have enough time to scale up operations.


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