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Moodboard Instagram Top 10 Sneakers of 2020

Moodboard Instagram Top 10 Sneakers of 2020 cover created from images from dean.hilario

Here’s the Top 10 Sneakers you saw on Moodboard Instagram in 2020. Moodboard Instagram consists of Hidden.NY and a bunch of copycats. What’s important on Moodboard IG is authenticity, or at least plausibly faking that you were there.

If you want to start your own Moodboard Instagram, here’s what you need:

  • plants
  • lots of green, natural grey
  • patina / yellowed soles
  • old Vogue Italia magazines
  • fleece
  • master the ­čôÉ angle shot
  • wide leg pants
  • good bedsheets
  • convincing your girlfriend to become your photographer
  • wooden furniture
  • links to old Tumblr accounts people forgot about
  • natural lighting
  • persian rugs

Advanced Moodboard IG Only:

  • anything Aphex Twin
  • Kiko Asics
  • Reebok Club C Adsum
  • Virgil Louis Trainers
  • Bapesta Mules

So get started and tag Hidden.NY and hope he reshares.

Mood Break

Before we begin, lets’s set the vibe and stop and appreciate the Visvim Kerchief Jacket in case Drake reads this.

Visvim Kerchief Jacket

10. Reebok Beatnik

Confess, you thought #muleboyz was a farming hashtag when you first saw it.

9. Nike Stussy Air Force 1 / Air Zoom Spiridon Cage 2

Look, we didn’t wear any Stussy in 2019, that’s not important. What’s important is we had Stussy in 2020 when others were watching and when it counted.

8. Nike Dunk High

It was mostly Spartan Green, Natural Grey, Syracuse, and some Michigan. The more vintage the better. Kentucky blue just not a moodboard colour sorry Wildcats.

Mood Break

Let’s pause to appreciate some architecture from an old magazine for no reason at all.


7. Fugazi One in the Chamber

Customs and Knock-offs approved by Moodboard Instagram, especially these Fugazi in Natural Grey.

6. Notre Vans

Your girlfriend just wanted to go back to work but it’s important she got the ­čôÉ right ­čĄŁ

5. Nike Dunk SB Low Stussy Cherry

The only SB Dunk that truly mattered on Moodboard IG.

4. Air Jordan IV

Particularly Metallic Green, Linen, Military Blue, even Breds. Metallic Purple? god no.

Mood Break

Here’s MF DOOM to prove we listen to rap.


3. Old Jordan 1s

The goal is to show, even if we weren’t there, we have the authentic Jordans to wear with our Plisse pants.

2. JJJJound New Balance 992

The Moodboard Gawd himself, JJJJound.

1. ALD New Balance 550

GTFO here if you don’t have all 4.