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Developing Your Sneaker Sense: Will It Flip? Part 2

Will It Flip? Here’s some more questions to ask yourself if a sneaker will flip or not.

  • There’s really no bids? I sleep.
  • Is retail high? Do you want to spend $325 to maybe make $25, but really just sell for cost cause everyone else thought the same thing?
  • Is bkantha offering free slots?
  • City Blue AND Shiekh dropping? Tier 3 alert! Abort! Abort!
  • Will wc_streetwear undercut you and list 82 asks at $91?
  • Did DJ Khaled got seeded the sneakers in a bundle but only put them in the background? DJ Khaled sneaker bundle
  • Did Qias make them look awful?

If yes, pass. Unless it’s retail, no tax, free ship and free returns. Then cop.